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World class Ski Instructor and Coach provides first-class ski activities, winter and summer tours like Heli-skiing, Cat-skiing, Horse backcountry skiing, in Argentina, Switzerland, and the USA.


  1. Why Choose Me?

    Your Adventure is My Adventure

    As a world class ski instructor/coach, I understand that every client is unique, and every tour is different. I am committed to helping you create an unforgettable adventure and using my expertise as the cornerstone in making sure your experience is not only personalized, but also safe and fun.

  2. My Tours Are Exciting

    You’ll Love Your Experience

    I’ve been able to see, ski, and hike some of the most incredible places in the world. We have just one life, and I believe one of the most important things is using it to experience all the amazingness this world has to offer. Whether you are new to something, or an adrenaline junkie, I’ll help put together an adventure that is not only right for you, but one that you aren’t soon to forget!

  3. My Customers Say

    The best choice we made

    R. Thomas Sharpe

    During the winter of 2016, I had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting and getting to know Erwin Kollegger. Erwin taught a ski racing clinic for adults at Lee Canyon outside Las Vegas, NV, from January to March of that year. Erwin’s expert guidance dramatically improved my skiing. Beyond giving detailed instruction and feedback, Erwin makes it a point to follow his students individually, as they ski, to observe their technique and to have his students follow him to observe his technique. I would encourage anybody considering improving his or her racing skill or overall skiing ability to seek out Erwin.

    GW Hasse

    I have had the privilege to ski, coach and be coached by Erwin. Not only is he one of the finest individuals you will ever meet he is a world class skier and coach. If you ever get a chance to ski or spend any time with Erwin you will always wonder why it has taken so long for me to meet Erwin. I look forward to my next adventure with Erwin.

    Art Leigh

    I started skiing at the age of 9 and in my 50 odd years of skiing there have been many people that have influenced and shaped my skiing. In all those years the person that has had the most pronounced effect on me and my skiing has been Erwin. Not only is Erwin a world class skier and teacher but a world class person.

    Rolf Funk

    Dear Racer or Fellow pleasure skier, I have know Erwin Kollegger for several years now. We first met in Jackson Hole Wy, where he joined our Masters Ski Racing program. From our first time skiing together I was blown away. His professional ability to teach skills needed for technique in racing was impeccable. From that time on he has coached and motivated me with his skills, and video analysis of things we worked on were so valuable to me, that I would highly  recommend Erwin to anyone who wants to reach their fullest potential in skiing.

Tour with Erwin

It’s a Lifestyle

An Active Lifestyle philosophy is about inspiring you to take the leap to become your best self. I want to make people feel good and help them build a strong sense of self. I want to create a positive community that supports and empowers everyone, no matter what their fitness level or goals are.

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Erwin Kollegger

Argentina/USA and Switzerland