About Me

Growing up in Switzerland, I learned to ski before I learned to walk. This gave me a profound interest in skiing and the outdoors starting at a very young age.
The allure to Ski the world followed very quickly. In 1972 I received my certification as a Professional Ski Instructor with Alpine SSV, Racing BSV, Backcountry, and Cross-country accreditations. Afterward; I guided, coached, freestyled and raced my way across 5 continents for over 15 years, skiing 260 to 300 days a year. Upon meeting my lovely wife, my life took a change of pace for the next 20 years, as we raised 6 beautiful children and built successful Interior Design and Real Estate businesses together. In the last ten years, I’ve embraced the touring business and offer a winter AND summer tour/activity program, so that my clientele can pick and choose their own adventure.








At 18 years of age, I became one of the youngest ski instructors, certified in all alpine disciplines and, for a few years I trained, raced, and coached with the best and the elite of Switzerland. In 1972 I took my well-learned passion to the US and added to my repertoire Freestyle skiing, a new and fun way of expressing the art of skiing with the likes of Wayne Wong and Floyd Wilke.(See Video)











I organized and judged the first ever International Freestyle Contest “down-under” in New Zealand.

After that, I taught and coached for many years in New Zealand and Australia.











New to the US and the English language, it was a challenge for me to teach and coach my racers or freestylers, so I turned to my experience as a youngster and simply told my students,

“Look at me and follow me!”

a slogan that has stayed with me for more than 50 years of skiing!












” Jim Beam”



Thursday, 14th of August 1975










Today, after skiing around the world, I and my family reside in beautiful Las Vegas, not necessarily known for its great skiing, but close enough for me to ski the best places in the west and around the world.

And yes, my 5 children are all incredible skiers, like Dad!

Ask me today for a ski tip, or “How do I learn how to ski better?”, and I would say the same thing:

“Follow me!”